Bracelet Set - Bracelet
Bracelet Set - Bracelet
Bracelet Set - Bracelet
Eelahsas Style Expressions

Bracelet Set

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Beautiful stretch bracelet in earth tone colores make the perfect accessory for any bohemian look each set of bracelets include five bracelets in different earth tone colores. each bracelet of each set is different but in the same color pattern this makes these bracelets more unique you can use these bracelets all together or by themselfs to  create your own unique look.

5 layered bracelet set with the cutest color combinations !

Bracelet set is not connected so you can mix and match to whatever style you desire ! 

  • Each set includes five bracelets
  • Stretch bracelets
  • Mixed beads 


Fits almost everyone

Care and Store:

When putting on and taking off stretch bracelets avoid pulling the bracelet. Gently roll it on in a funnel motion. This can be done by putting all fingers together so that all 5 finger tips are touching (like you are making a puppet with your hand). With your other hand gently slide the bracelet on over the fingers, knuckles and then onto your wrist evenly. When taking it off, follow this funnel motion in reverse.

Although designed on high quality, strong stretch cord, if the bracelets are yanked, pulled, or stretched, these motions will eventually lead to the elastic snapping.

When wearing bracelets or stacks, do not wear perfume, moisturiser or other products on your wrist as they may remove the colours from beads.

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